Jason Bateman

I adore this family.
I do not know them, but, am positive we would
be best friends.

Heidi & Vito

Heidi Klum and her boyfriend Vito Schanbel.
Who is Vito Schanbel you ask?
Um, a 28 year old art dealing renaissance man!
I was going to link to his Wikipedia page...
but an article in Page 6 is much more interesting.
Read it HERE.
Elle MacPherson! Nice work Vito!

Jennifer Morrison

Super pretty.


Now those are SOME BOOTS hun-teeee!

Miss America

John Oliver talks Miss America.
And, it's hilarious.
Watch HERE.


Morning Funny

This morning a headline on The Daily Beast read
Can Obama Keep His Generals In Check?
...in the War Against ISIS?
As, a child, er adult, I prefer to call my unmentionables 
my generals sometimes.
So, this made me laugh.
There. A headline about ISIS made me giggle.
You can read the article HERE.
(FYI: It's not really about Obama's private parts)


Divorce In Jersey

For the way Joe Joo-Dee-Chay treated Theresa 
on Real Housewives of New Jersey this doesn't come as a surprise.
This doesn't even take into account all the legal snafu's these two have gotten into.
And by snafu's I mean Federal Indictments, serious charges,
that will eventually land Joe in prison. 
I don't feel that sorry for Joe.
And, that's saying something because I capture ants and put them outside.
And spiders.
Anyway, they are selling all their joint properties which include 
their mansion you see on the show, and their beach house on the shore.
People are speculating the divorce is imminent because they need the cash from 
the sale of those properties. 
I do feel sorry for the girls.
Poor things.