I love me some Martha.
Her buttery voice? 
Her condescending glorious-ness?
She feels to me like a giant pashmina - that'll keep you toasty warm,
looking fabulous, and, possibly, 
give you a rash.
Does that make sense?


Danica McKellar took her cute mom 
to the after party last night.
What a fun photo..

All Hail Photoshop

Lady Gaga for Versace.

And, after a little touching up.
I am confident I could look amazing...
with a little airbrushing.
Look, her teeth even went away.


My apologies!!!

So, our computer crashed.
The scary moment when you flip it open 
and the screen is white with a question mark?
That happened.
Happy to say we have it back and from what we can 
tell, everything recovered.
Back to blogging now.



Roseanne looks amazing!
Plus, I interviewed her once and 
I think she went into it hoping to get it over with as quickly as possible...
then saw I was kinda funny (maybe?)
and played around with me.
It was a hilarious few minutes.


Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling.

Divergent Premieres...

Shailene Woodley has been everywhere
lately with Divergent premiering all over the world.
Anyway, I love a lady who kicks of her shoes.
Whenever she wants.