Gleeful Stuff

Lea Michelle and her boyfriend.
They were on a yacht...
now, she's wearing a stupid hat.
Regardless, she sang Mama Who Bore Me 
in Spring Awakening so I will always hold 
a special dear place in my heart for her.
(See the musical if you can, it's good)
Anyway, my point is...
her boy toy has a COLTS hat on so that's cool.

Mark Ruffalo

A little crush.
I mean, a big one really.

Elizabeth Olsen

So pretty. 
Me thinks.


Let's Go!

I have a computer again.
Well, my computer never left me, but, 
the access to the World Wide Web did.
But, now I have it. 
Oh yeah.
Let's DO THIS.
Back to posting stuff I'm not sure anyone cares about but me.


Megan Fox

Is OK looking.
She had a baby 5 months ago.

New Favorite Couple

I've always loved them.
But, Josh and Diane, you know...I love them too.
Anyway, Emma and Andrew are just glorious.
Except Andrew should shave.
I'm not going to say he looks homeless..
because I think it's hilarious when people say 
people with beards look homeless.
Uh, no they don't.
Homeless people look homeless.


Jay & Bey

Kicked off their tour last night.