Have a great Sunday, y'all.
This is, uh, not me.
Just in case you were confused. 

Whatcha Gonna DO?

This glorious 10,495 sq foot house in California is for sale
for $6.25 million.
The seller?
Malcolm Barbour. 
Who's that?
Well, the creator of COPS.
The co-creator of a COPS is doing just fine in case you were wondering. 

State Of Affairs

Working in news, I watch a LOT of it.
Lately, I've had to take a timeout.

Maybe it's because I'm a mother...but, I think it's because I'm human.
What's going on?
Has the world always been like this? 
But, now, we are more aware as a society?
Also, as a member of the media, I HATE that we post pictures of killers.
Why give validity to these criminals? 
Instead, there should be a number to a mental health facility written over their faces.
Ok, I'm done. 


Good Podcasts This Week

I've been a podcast junkie since 2008. 
I can't tell you the exact date but I have memories of walking to work listening to 
The BS Report many many many years ago. 
Love a podcast. 

Fresh Air, This American Life, Professor Blastoff, Grantland (various pods)
Marc Maron's WTF (he's had Terri Gross, President Barack Obama and Judd Apatow in the last few weeks!), The Moment (Brian Kopplemen's)..I'll stop.
Anyway, best one this week? 
My friends Juliet and Jacoby on The Right Reasons. 
If you're watching The Bachelorette, which, if you aren't 
Mainly because Kaitlyn is everything we want her to be. Right? Right.  
Plus, guys crying and losing their minds is never-ending entertainment. 
Anyway. I'm into it.
And, they break it down in a way I thoroughly enjoy.
You're welcome. 

Happy Birthday, America

Happy 4th.
America had a decent year.
Some exciting progress and horrible heartbreak.
In light of her Birthday, let's celebrate the good. 
It's a pretty glorious place to live. 
And, we shouldn't take it for granted.
(You know, clean water, sewage systems, air conditioning) 
God Bless Us All.


Joe Guidice, Ugh

I couldn't think of anything else to title this post.
Apparently BRAVO is currently filming a special with Joe and his daughters.
And, he's getting paid 150k.
Which is supposed to be used to pay off some of their debt. 
I suppose they could say they don't have any money again...
but, now it's on this blog (and Page SIX) so, 
be careful what you say.
I'm just doing my part. 


Not Glee-ful

Lea and Naya famously didn't get along on GLEE.
Rumor is that Lea got Naya booted from the show.
Welp, now Miss Naya is writing a book.