Joe Guidice, Ugh

I couldn't think of anything else to title this post.
Apparently BRAVO is currently filming a special with Joe and his daughters.
And, he's getting paid 150k.
Which is supposed to be used to pay off some of their debt. 
I suppose they could say they don't have any money again...
but, now it's on this blog (and Page SIX) so, 
be careful what you say.
I'm just doing my part. 


Not Glee-ful

Lea and Naya famously didn't get along on GLEE.
Rumor is that Lea got Naya booted from the show.
Welp, now Miss Naya is writing a book. 

Pure Comic Gold

Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring for President.
This will be fun.

I Love Clarissa Ward

Clarissa Ward is the toughest, best journalist in the country.
She really is. 
Currently in Yemen, the most dangerous country in the world, she 
is interviewing civilians and operatives inside ISIS. 
Remember that one time when she was kidnapped?
Well, she was.
I have long followed her career and have 
the utmost respect and admiration for her.
Just in case you didn't know.
Sometimes I call myself a journalist...
and then I think of Clarissa. 
She's the pure definition of journalist.
The Huffington Post did a profile on CBS' newswomen leading
the way in war. 
Read it HERE.


It's All Raven!

Raven-Symone is a part of The View.
It's official!
Congrats, lady.

Gwen Is Back

Gwen is back as a coach on The Voice.
Season 9 begins in September.


Miley Cyrus

On the cover of Paper.
You know what?
I like Miley.
I'm into what she's trying to do.
And, what she's done thus far.
Maybe not all of it, but a good majority.
She's very self-aware, which, 
is a hard thing to find in people these days.