Good Podcasts This Week

I've been a podcast junkie since 2008. 
I can't tell you the exact date but I have memories of walking to work listening to 
The BS Report many many many years ago. 
Love a podcast. 

Fresh Air, This American Life, Professor Blastoff, Grantland (various pods)
Marc Maron's WTF (he's had Terri Gross, President Barack Obama and Judd Apatow in the last few weeks!), The Moment (Brian Kopplemen's)..I'll stop.
Anyway, best one this week? 
My friends Juliet and Jacoby on The Right Reasons. 
If you're watching The Bachelorette, which, if you aren't 
Mainly because Kaitlyn is everything we want her to be. Right? Right.  
Plus, guys crying and losing their minds is never-ending entertainment. 
Anyway. I'm into it.
And, they break it down in a way I thoroughly enjoy.
You're welcome. 

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BB said...

We're watching our first-ever season of The Bachelor(ette). EVER. It's terrible and awful and fantastic! On that note, I've never listened to a podcast. Don't hate. :)