Des & Chris Are Engaged

Well, another proposal.
At the end of each season, I am such a sucker.
I'm sure that they will get married and live
happily ever after.
As we all know, it rarely happens.
This year, I gave Desiree a hard time for being boring.
For as boring as she was, her abs were amazing. 
So, there is that.
And, honestly, lots of the 
drama this season was caused by
Reality Steve.
Do you read him?
He has multiple sources on the 'inside' of production at ABC, 
and has accurately spoiled much of the previous seasons.
He has been wrong before.
Anyway, he was 100% sure that Brooks came back and 
proposed last night.
Obviously, he didn't.
Head honchos at ABC 
were tweeting Steve telling him
to 'suck it.' 
Uh, ok.
That's real mature gentlemen.
Anyway, the real guzz is
Chris and Des.
Hope they live happily ever after.
I will choose to believe that they will until
I read otherwise on the cover of US Weekly.
(Although I'm SO surprised 
Sean and Catherine are still 'together.')
Juan Pablo's season will start beginning of January.
Until then..

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