It's Just Weird

Vicki Gunvalson's on and off again boyfriend, 
Brook Ayers, is now being sued 
because Vicki's business partner is 
saying Brooks hired a hitman to kill him.
There has been lots of talk about 
how not-so-honest Vicki's business partner is, 
so, she's brushing off the accusation.
Uh, huh?
Listen, Vick, none of these people seem good.
Where there are whispers of murder,
there are probably, uh, murderers.
Meanwhile on BRAVO..
 Next week on part 3 of the OC Reunion,
Vicki walks off set because her daughter Brianna 
starts talking about her extreme dislike of Brooks, 
and Andy Cohen presses
her on the details. 
I hope Andy also grills Brianna about 
the behavior of her husband toward Lydia's mother.
I've watched a lot of Housewife shows in my day
and that scene was one of the worst.
It was hard to watch.
I had a physical reaction to Ryan (I think that's his name)
and how he treated her.
It was horrific.
Anyway, Vicki, I'd run far far
away from Brooks.
No one ever listens to me though on this blog, 
not counting on it.
*Gratuitous before/after plastic surgery pic*

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