Lindsay On The Loose

The Post is reporting that LiLO was partying 
with Max from The Wanted til 7am.
She just got out of rehab...
and by rehab I mean a place she went where
she hooked up with another participant -
whom got kicked out.
So, there's that.
Anyway, I've said it a hundred times.
Lindsay and Dina need to be in a treatment facility 
I think Dina needs help as much as Lindsay.
She's disgusting.
I said it. 
Dina can start by reading 

This book alone won't fix Miss Dina.
But, it's a start.
It's a must read if you're raising a child today.
In fact, everyone should read it. 
(Full disclaimer: I know the author and she is brilliant)
Anyway, I'm tired of writing about these two.
Get. It. Together.

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