The VMA's

Will someone please explain to me the grill thing?
It will never look good..
Put gold and diamonds on your shoes if you have to.

Selena Gomez.
Sexy and elegant.
But I always feel like she's dressing for someone else..

We will get to her later.

Actually, I'm not really sure that's Snooki..

Erin Wasson.
The only thing I can think is..
I hope she doesn't have to go to the bathroom.

Now, lots of people are making fun of 2 Chains getup..
however, it looks like the male version of Beyonce's gown 
she has worn a few times.
Just sayin. 
(B at the MET Gala in 2013 below)

Rita Ora.
Uh, ok.
Makes me want to sneeze.

Contestant number 12 Miss New Jersey!
(Sorry, Miss New Jersey)

Ellie Goulding.

I like this too.
Would I wear it? Ha, no.
Looks to strategic for me, but,
she looks amaze.

Lady Gaga.
I barely recognized her.

Lil Kim.
Heavyweight Champ.

Melissa Gorga. 

Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton.
They look good.
The suit he had on while performing was too tight.
Also, why does he always pose open stance?
To make his boobs look bigger?
It's weird.

Taylor Swift.
Now, did you see when ex Harry Stiles was presenting an 
award and the camera caught her saying
'shut the f**k up?'
Taylor Swift?!!
Why she's so sweet and innocent!
Uh, NO.

Sarah Hyland.
Cute girl, bad dress.

Now, everyone seems to be talking about 
 Robin Thicke / Miley Cyrus / teddy bear performance. 
Here's what I will say...
In the days of old, eh, say 1999...
there were provocative performances. 
Britney, Christina, Madonna & Missy Elliot...
Britney in a sparkly nude suit..
Britney and a snake...
Janet and Michael.. 
Gaga and a cross..
Madonna and a cross on a bed...
Kelly Clarkson in the rain...
Well, last night Miley 'sang' and 
paraded around in a weird teddy bear bodysuit
followed by a nude bra and panties..
and it was gross.
She stuck her tongue out, grabbed her crotch, 
grabbed Robin Thickes crotch
and thrusted all around with a foam finger.
It wasn't provocative...
It wasn't edgy...
It was gross.
It was tasteless.
It was drunk, slutty, and hard to watch.
We get it.

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BB said...

BRAVO! I couldn't have said it better. Miley wasn't being artistic or provocative. She was disgusting. And thank heavens my nieces have outgrown Hannah Montana & no longer worship her...and know better not to.