Tracy Anderson

Famed trainer Tracy Anderson said Gwyneth Paltrow 
was fat, had a long butt, and carried an extra 35 pounds.
Tracy, who trains Madonna, Stella McCartney...and a bevy of Hollywood stars
get results and wittles bodies into lithe sexpots.
Side note: She had a studio north of Indianapolis when she first started and kinda
bailed out on clients, etc. I mean, in her defense Madonna 
was calling..
Anyway, what is a long butt?
OMG, do I have one?
Gwyneth is FAT!

Okay, she doesn't mean NOW that Gwyneth is fat.
However, even if Gwyneth came to you and 
said, "Tracy, I need to lose 35 pounds.."
You don't give an interview and point out 
someone else's flaws. 
If you want to talk about your own, fine.
But try not to do it to others.
Just sayin.

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BB said...

Dear Lord, I've been away a long time!! (Thanks, work.) I've heard about Tracy Anderson and her shinanigans here locally. Crazy.