Andy Cohen

I love Andy Cohen.
That's right, love.
Okay, so I don't know if I really love him because
I don't know him at all..
however, what I see on TV I like. 
I mean love.
Plus his mom is awesome. And his dad.
And he's himself on TV, which, is refreshing to watch.
Okay, moving on.
I didn't want to perpetuate this gossip, but,
a simple google search on the topic leads you to tons of articles on the subject.
So, I don't think this is outing anything.
Plus, 12 people read this blog.
Okay now to it..
Andy is rumored to be engaged to Sean Avery!
Yep, that Sean Avery.
The semi-still-closeted ex NHL bad boy.
Now he interns at Vogue.
And wears awesome glasses and has really good abs and those
dreamy side muscle thingy's.
Anyway, they have apparently been seeing each other for a year and half..
are all over each other's instagram pages and twitter accounts.
Plus, when someone tweeted Andy about his supposed engagement
he replied with 'ask sean.'
The deal is that Andy wants to be an out and proud power couple-
but Sean is not sure he wants to be as 'out.'
(I mean, allegedly!)
Come on Sean!
Live happily ever after..
Get photographed together...
register at Crate N Barrel.
(Jk on the last one.)
I shouldn't have suggested such a thing.
Anyway, hope it works out for these two.
Besides, Sean, if I was engaged to Andy-
I'd totally show him off.

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