Breaking Bad - A Sweet Sorrow

The finale was awful.
Because frankly I was hoping the outcome
was that the series would be extended to
another season. A few more moments with
Walt, Jesse, Skylar, and, well, even Hank.
That's right. In my scenario he's coming back.
Oh, SPOILER. Sorry.
Obviously, I didn't think it was awful.
I thought it was brilliant. 
Vince Gilligan, the mastermind and reason
we all got to enjoy this show for 5 seasons
is a genius. 
If he wants to come over for dinner I'll
make him whatever he wants.
You hear that Vince?
That's right...you know...uhhhhh...
armadillo? Coming right up sir.
Anywho, in the end, everything was taken care of.
One of the joys of Breaking Bad was trying 
to figure out what was going to happen.
And, of course, you were always wrong.
You never got it exactly right.
So, for the ending to be layed out and
thoroughly explained, was great.
Congrats Vince and team. 
You gave America what they wanted.
You wrote one of the best shows ever...
Now take a month off and get back to it. 
I'm going to need you to be brilliant ASAP.
Please and thank you.

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Katherine Fajen said...

When I read those first few sentences I was like "Whaaa?? Has she lost her mind?!" Glad you loved it as much as I did.