More Emmy Fashion

I love Amanda Peet.
*I interviewed her once and she was very pretty and very nice**
But this dress? Uhhhhh...
maybe she forgot she was going to the Emmy's?

Um. Anna Faris.
Huh. Well. Hmmmm.
I don't know.
Uh, I like the dress.
I think she's cool.
But the hair and makeup leaves me a skosh confused.

Carrie Underwood.

I have a MAJOR girl crush on Connie Britton.
The dress I would not wear.
But it does not change my feelings for her.
Is that velvet?

Elizabeth Moss.

Guiliana Rancic.
She looks good. 
Not for me, but, she works it.

Love Lisa Rinna's gown.
Give it to me thanks.

January Jones.
Would it kill you to get just a lil bit of a spray tan...
Is she wearing a dress? 

Jen and Jon.

Julia-Louis Dreyfus.
Loved her speech as her character,
thought that was brillz.

Laura Dern.

Another girl crush: Leslie Mann.
Love her and the dress.

Now, she's very smart.
Apparently not in picking out formal wear though.

Paula Abdul.
Is she serious?

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BB said...

Elizabeth Moss photographed in the parking lot ~ ha! And at that angle, Paula's head look H-U-G-E. I didn't even notice her dress.

My two favorite gowns and looks were Sophia Vergara (HOT-hot) and Julianne Hough. As always, thanks for your commentary ~ spot on!