Your Pasta Is Totally Heterosexual

The owner of Barilla pasta, Guido Barilla, is making some bold statements.
You know I get riled up when people start talking all 'gay.'
He was on an Italian radio station yesterday and had this to say-
"For us the concept of the sacred family
remains one of the basic values of the company. 
I would not do it for lack of respect for homosexuals 
who have the right to do what they want without bothering others...
but I don't see things like they do and 
I think the family that we speak to is a classic family."
Oy Guido.
My favorite part is 'without bothering others' line.
Go ahead and do your gay stuff but try not to bother me, okay?
I can do my straight stuff anywhere I please though, cool?
I looked up statistics on marriage and divorce and
was planning on posting graphs showing the dissolution 
of happiness in marriage, divorce rates, children born 
outside of wedlock...the list goes on.
But instead, I'll paraphrase.
What is the 'classic family' these days?
A loving couple who adopt outside their race?
A loving same sex couple who surrogate a child?
A single mom trying to make ends meet?
The scenarios are endless.
And, to me, those aforementioned are all FAMILIES.
Your family are those you hold close.
Your family are the ones you love.
Your family could be furry and four-legged.
So, what a shame Guido that your perception of LOVE is so narrow.
You'd think with all the pasta you'd be a little happier...

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LA said...

This guy is clearly anorexic, denying himself the deliciousness of the past he makes, and that is why he's so miserable and says ridiculous things.