Alec Baldwin

All around sweetie pie Alec Baldwin has
been fired (allegedly) from his new show
Up Late with Alec Baldwin. 
It's on MSNBC and covers current events.
(I used to listen to his podcast
Here's The Thing which inspired the show)
He was originally suspended for using a gay slur...
and apparently he's a real gem to the staff too.
As in he demanded a makeup room that a woman 
with cancer needed due to her sensitivity to hairspray.
The NY Post is reporting he said 
'I don't give a f&*k that she has cancer!'
Ohhhhhhh he's so SWEET.
For someone who is so 'compassionate' 
about world affairs and 'doing good' -
the energy he puts out in the world
tells a way different story.
And, as it goes:
Pay attention to what people DO...
not what they SAY.

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