Did you guys see what's going on with the Bev Hills and Miami Housewives?
Well, Brandi and Joanna...(and Yolanda) to be exact.
Here's the gist:
Joanna was accused (by Brandi via Yolanda) that
Joanna is one of the many reasons 
Yolanda and Mohammed divorced.
*Mohammed has been seen on Bev Hills (and Shahs of Sunset)
He's super rich. Old dude. Has a room in house with just pillows.
Yup. He does. I mean it's for 'meditation.'

Anyway, the other night on WWHL,
Brandi said all that I referenced above.
And Joanna tweeted that it wasn't true..
as did Mohammed.
Then Joanna said she can see why Eddie Cibrian left her.
To which Brandi said
Well, Mohammed told me that her (insert word for private lady part)
Now, do I enjoy Brandi?
Yes, I do.
I'd be terrified to be her friend.
Because I'd be afraid of what she'd say about other people...
about me...
but she sure is entertaining.
I'm not saying it was 'classy' or 'right' or whatever...
but let's not get righteous now ok?
It's all ridiculous. 

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