Katie Couric

I said a few months ago that her talk show was on it's last leg.
Well, now Katie will be doing an online talk show forum with Yahoo.
She could've saved her show if she took a pay cut. 
I'm not sure if other things came into play and that is
why she walked away or if it really was a money thing.
Who knows.
What I do know is that if I had a talk show and someone said to me
you're going to lose this show if you don't accept
the fact that you are going to make 8 million instead of 10...
I'd say, that's totally fine. 
And then I'd be like 
People are crazy.
When do you take that sharp turn out of reality?
Also, I think I've said this before too..
you now who's talk show I think will be really good?
Meredith Viera. 
She's going to do well.
Hopefully she will have a great staff/producers/etc.

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