Kim K

Listen, I am being forced to write about Kim K today
because RADAR ONLINE has 
a 3 pic montage of Kim.
Sounds pretty normal right?
Well, it's an 'article' about 
how she was caught 
RECYCLING HER $6,000 pink
Celine coat…
on 3 separate occasions.
It says things like 
'caught' wearing it 3 times! 
'Three Times As Cheap!'
'Wearing it AGAIN!'
Really RADAR Really?
I'm on Team Kim for this one.
First, it's a COAT.
Please wear it more than once.
Second, it's a COAT.
You wear it over clothes that you are
probably going to change everyday.
Third, it's a COAT.
THAT'S $6,000 dollars.
(My husband bought his last car for 
significantly less than that, true story)
Please wear it as much as you want.
Whenever you want.
That's all.

1 comment:

D.J. McNugent said...

I've driven that car at least 10 times. Please don't tell Radar Online