Real Housewives of Miami

The finale of season 3 was a doozy.
Uh, and by doozy I mean one massive hangover.
But, I call fakery!
I'm not saying the ladies didn't go to Vegas...
didn't have a glorious time...
didn't drink a lot...
but, what I am saying is that the 
'missed flight' may have just been added for drama.
In case you didn't watch, Joanna and Roman finally got married.
And, the bachelorette party was the Tuesday before 
(she got married on a Thursday) 
in Vegas.
I'm not mad at her for the Thursday wedding..
it probably saved her lots of money! Right?
Anyway, Wednesday morn they missed their flight 
because they were so hungover (uh huh)
so Lea rented an SUV and they 
got to the rehearsal on time!
BRAVO even aired a shot of them on the side of the 
road...desert highway, Lisa puking...
a la The Hangover all the way.
Plus, the 5 of them were in the SUV...
and you KNOW they had about 50 bags between all of them.
So, I'm sure there was a production van (or 5)
carrying all their stuff.
Anyway, like all reality shows, some of the drama is 'real'..
some of it fake...
In the end,
Roman and Joanna are married.
Adrianna got married. (well, had a wedding I should say)
Lea went to Texas. We met her family.
Marysol had a limited role this season due to her mama being ill.
(Prayer to Mama Elsa, btw)
And, PS, Mama Elsa used to hang out with Madonna.
Alexia was, uh, around...we got to see the aftermath of her sons accident and 
his struggles to integrate back into life. 
And, lil Lisa got drunk in Vegas and fought with Dr Lenny.
The storyline for them this season was their struggle to conceive.
I hope they are adopting, using a surrogate, or finding a way to get babe...
I'm sure it's hard for her to watch them fighting this season.
Anyway, there will be a season 4. 
I wonder who will make the cut?

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