In lieu of posting about Miley smoking a joint on-stage...
I thought I'd talk about the Brooke-Charlie-Denise-sitch.
Have you been following?
It makes me sick.
Well, in a few words-
Denise has been caring for Brooke and Charlies twins. 
She can't any longer because they are exhibiting 
violence, mood swings, etc.
Charlie doesn't want Brooke to have the kids-
Brooke wants them...she's been clean for a month.
I don't know what's really going on.
The people who lose in this are obviously Max and Bob.
Something isn't right when your kids are punching dogs.
(Denise claims this behavior started when 
they resumed visitation with their mother)
You know who hurts dogs?
Cruella Deville and she's TERRIFYING.
Hopefully they'll get the kiddos help.
Before they start smoking long cigarettes
and driving weird cars. 
You know what I mean.

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