Good Morning America

I don't watch ABC in the morning. 
But, today was Sam Champions last day. 
He is going to The Weather Channel (Which is owned by NBC)
And, rumor is that all the morning anchors want a huge pay raise.
(Because a few of their contracts are up)
The team definitely has negotiating power.
They have consistently beaten The Today Show 
in the ratings for the past year-
making them #1.
Do they deserve a big raise?
I like them all actually...
I'm just obsessed with Charlie Rose, Norah and Gayle.
(That's CBS This Morning if you were wondering)

Anyway, in other ABC News, 
Amy Robach had a double mastectomy and
15 lymph nodes removed.
She says she's had a rough few months and the next
year will continue to be tough.
We are praying for you Amy.
Also, her husband is Andrew Shue.
So, that's awesome...
although when you click on that picture to save it,
it says 'andrew shue wife.'
She's an accomplished journalist for crying out loud people.

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