The Hills Are Alive Alright...

Did you watch the Sound of Music Sunday night?
Listen, I didn't so I wasn't going to comment on it...
but so many people are I feel like I HAVE to.
So, hear goes.
I didn't need to watch it.
Wanna know why?
Because the fact that Carrie's performance was
good/bad/sluggish...whatever. It doesn't matter.
Because 18 million people watched.
Maybe all of them had seen the Sound of Music starring 
the divine Miss Julie Andrews, but, I'm guessing 
some of them haven't.
A whole new audience tuned into watch Carrie...
and she introduced them to Broadway...
and musicals...
and theater...
and it's just lovely, isn't it?
There isn't much to dislike about the act of theater and art now is there?
If you don't like it, well, then,
you are probably dead inside.

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