Golden Globes Fashion

Taylor Schilling.
I love Orange Is The New Black.
This dress reminds me of my prom dress junior year.
When my date picked me up he said
"That looks like a night gown."
Uh, thanks.

Bruce and Laura Dern.
(father and daughter)
Great actors.
Wish he would've won for Nebraska.

Tina and Amy.
How amazing are they?
Their jokes are hilarious. 
They manage to make fun of A-listers
but in a funny, charming, ah shucks kinda way.
(While being A listers)

Tom and Rita.

Zoe Saldana.
Now, Zoe is gorgeous and can wear anything right?
I mean, it's like they give her 
'daring' fashion choices because she can wear it.
At The Oscars is she going to be wearing tiny potatoes?
I don't know. Maybe.

Rashida Jones.
I don't love it, but, you know, 
she is kinda pulling it off.

Robin Wright and Ben Foster.

I'm not loving this Sandy.
But, she's working it.

Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren.
She seems really cool too.
She travels around the country and speaks 
out about bullying.
Bryan Cranston and his wife Robin Dearden.
She has one of my favorite dresses.
Simple, flattering...looks very comfy.
Love it. 
Adam Scott.

Allison Williams.

Amber Heard.
I mean 

Amy Adams.
It's ok. 
She looked good from the side.
Is that weird?

Bradley Cooper.

Chris Pine.
Is hunky.

Elizabeth Moss.
Love the dress and the shoes.
Her hair looks like she just got out of the shower.

Emma Thompson and her daughter.
Best speech of the night. Er, introduction.
Whatever that was.

Emma Watson.
Uhhhhh...the front was very pretty.
Now, I think you should wear pants under a dress if
your thighs will rub together and make you uncomfortable.
I don't think her thighs rub together.

Guiliana Rancic.
It just looks like Toddlers and Tiara's to me.

Heidi Klum.
Does she keep losing bets?
What's happening here? 
Is this a joke?

Jacqueline Bisset.
That's all I'm going to say.
(insert 24 seconds of silence)

Jason Bateman and his wife Amanda Anka.
I want to be their friends.

Jennifer Lawrence.
Now, I still can't decide how I feel about this dress.
I like her so it's forcing me into liking it more
than I think I should.

Julia Louis Dreyfus.
She's pretty and perfect.
And funny too.

Julia Roberts.
I think it's fine. 
People had very strong opinions about this dress.
It's very close to casual Friday, 
but, you know,
it's a look

Kate Beckinsale.
I think her and Naomi Watts just trade dresses.
She looks great.

Kate Mara.
As a pixie princess.
Now y'all know I love me some Kristen Chenoweth.
Like, in an unhealthy way probably.
This is too covered up. 
I feel like she can't breath and it's making me nervous.

Another girl crush Leslie Mann.

And Lizzy Caplan.
I like her too.
Not sure about the hemp shawl.

Margot Robbie.
Is gorgeous.
Beautiful Gucci gown.

Another cool couple. 
The garbage man and Luciana.

Mayim Bialik.
I think she looks great. 

I DEFINITELY would need these two 
as friends if I lived in LA.
Coolest couple around.
Have to be at least top 10.
In the world prolly.
As far as cool people.
Michelle Dockery.

Does Nancy O Dell wear the same thing every awards show?
Oh, that's just me?
But kinda seems like it, right?

Naomi Watts in Kate Beckinsale's dress.
Just kidding.
It's Tom Ford and it's perfection.

Olivia Wilde.
That baby!

Orlando Bloom.
I love a black/navy tux.

I just don't believe that Paula Patotn 
put this on and thought...
yep, this is it!
I love this dress because
there is a blanket built in!
And a napkin!
And a _______
(you can add whatever you like)

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