Juan- uary Continues...

First, let me just say that I am so glad I was never on The Bachelor.
Because under the age of say 25, I would've been completely embarrassing.
It's not totally these girls faults for looking insane.
Because being a certain age will just make you look that way.
Juan P is too smooth for me.
You can see him pouring it on.
I can't help but be entertained in a
he's-very-hot and
in a they-are-buying-this kinda way?
This week I'd like to focus on two girls.
Clare and Sharleen.
Because both are intense. (read confusing)
Clare does not know what the work 'jealous' means.
As my friend Anthony would say
'jealousy is a disease girl.'
Don't catch it. It will make you VERY SICK. 
I can't decide if Clare is uber competitive, desperate, obsessed,
or a combination of all 3?
Probably the latter.
Sidenote: Why do they all seem so confused that he's dating 
all of them? I'm pretty sure they've all seen the show before. 
That's what happens. 
You come on the show, you try to 'win,' I mean 
fall in love...and then you get to be on Dancing With The Stars...
or the cover of US Weekly...
you break up and call it a day, right?
Don't act like it's more than that. Because for 90% it's not.
Including Juan Pablo I'm guessing. 
Sharleen is quite interesting.
Why is she on this show?
She seems to me she'd rather be getting a brazillion wax
than in a house with 12 other girls trying to win the heart 
of Juan Pablo.
Then there's this kiss. Whew. 
One for the love stories folks.
Reminded me of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams 
in The Notebook.
Am I right or am I right?!
Sharleen proves my point exactly though.
I think she could care less about Juan Pablo.
But, what she does care about it being better than the other girls.
To an extent.
I'm not sure how long she'll care but right now she does.
At least get a trip somewhere cool out of it.
Until next week...
Oh, and as for what he said about 
gay people being 'more pervert....'
I'm not even going to comment on that.
I think you know where I stand.

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