The Bachelor

I've noticed a lot of traffic on the site today!
First, thanks.
Secondly, I haven't had time to watch The Bachelor yet.
But I will.
Then I will recap it here.
In the meantime, you can read my funny friend
Jenna's musings on the matter.
She's into it.
Check her out HERE.

In other reality TV news...
I'm almost caught up on Atlanta and Bev Hills Housewives.
And, I've lived in the ATL for 6 months and
still have yet to spot a housewife.
Just saying. 
I've wondered through neighborhoods shouting 
'Lenethia Leakes WHERE ARE YOU?'
All Nancy Grace like and nothing...soooo...
I'm workin on it y'all.

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Jen Morrison said...

you are so sweet! thanks, babe!