I Am Alone

I think I'm alone when it comes to my opinion on Juan Pablo.
I'm not a fan.
For a lot of reasons. 
First, he can't understand what anyone says.
Now, if it's because of him not understanding what 
people are saying...I don't care. He wouldn't get any ladies 
super wit or dry sarcasm. Fail.
(Unless you are looking for a different kind of connection, then, by all means)
Second, he doesn't know how to carry on a conversation. 
Third, I'm not sure what kind of kisser he is, but, he better be good at it.
Because he does it  all the time.
(Unless your a mother, then you have to wait)
(But, not a dad...he can do whatever he wants)
What I am sure of is this:
At what point on the Bachelor do you start solely competing
with the other girls?
Honestly, your feelings would be so confused-
are you in love?
or do you want TO WIN?
(I mean win his heart of course)
I would of been smitten with Juan Pablo for 
about 30 minutes.
Then, it would've been over for me.
I would've played along though...and hoped to be one of
'his favorites.'
I mean, at least until we left New Zealand.

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