Maybe I'm Not The Only One..

While Andi was annoyed with Juan Pablo saying
'it's ok,' I was paying attention to
how excited he was to have 
'no cameras around.'
Uh, he must've said it 900 times.
We get it.
Anyway, the hometown dates are a distant memory after 
the fantasy suite adventures come into the picture...
Clare. Sweet Clare.
I think JP could be a broom handle with a potato
head and she'd still be into him.
Wait a minute - what was up with her sister Laura?!
While some of her concerns
may've been valid, she wasn't doing herself any favors by 
lurking around and interrupting their mom.
Anyway. Such a weirdo. I mean, interesting.
(my mothers says things are not weird, only interesting)
Back to the dates...
Clare acts like he could've told her he wanted 
to beat their children and she would've swooned.
Too far?
Well, you get what I mean.
Remember when Katie Holmes starting dating Tom Cruise
and everything about him was 'amazing?'
She said it ALL DAY LONG.
That's what Clare reminded me of.
Then it's Andi's turn.
Now, did Andi just feel dissed?
Or did JP really not give a crap about her?
(I don't think he gives a crap about any of them honestly)
I think Andi finally realized that they had
only spoken two words to each other the whole time.
'It's ok.'
I love that she called him out.
He really didn't know ANYTHING about her.
Between her and her family, Juan Pablo's ego might've been
slightly bruised? 
But, probably not.
Way to go Andi, you've already won in my book.
Nikki is next.
I did think she looked pretty hot arriving at the date
in her sweet pants and Pocahontas bikini top.
She bores me.
So, whatevs...live happily ever after you two.
Also, I love how JP says at the end
'if Andi had wanted to stay, 
I would've said no.'
She didn't want to stay you moron.
She left YOU.
Deal with it. 

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