Have you been watching?
Candace Cameron Bure looks so great. 
I mean in life, she looks good.
I don't have a favorite yet.
Except for Billy D. 
Because I just pray he makes it through the dance.
I was bummed that Sean Avery got kicked 
off so early. 
Mainly because he seems so, uh, interesting...
which I really really enjoy.
 Erin Andrews is doing great.
I forgot she was on a previous season.
And, Val and Winnie...I mean Danica, 
are totally getting it on.
That's all for now.

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BB said...

Candace is my FAVORITE this season!! Look SO GREAT. And agreed...Erin Andrews is going great; entertaining and not stuffy. Sean ~ not a bit sorry to see him go. Billy D ~ dear Lord, get him GONE. Glad you're watching!