My Faves

Amy Adams in Gucci.
I liked this but it wasn't GREAT.
I put her in my best-dressed post because it is a LOOK.
And, she radiates confidence, which, counts for something.
I like the bare d├ęcolletage look with a strapless gown - 
paired with big earrings. 
EXCEPT this time...
I would've worn a big over-the-top 
(Like this David Webb piece)

Cate Blanchett in Armani.
I wish I could've seen this in person.
I bet it was breath taking...
She always looks so regal.
Congrats on your win Cate. Well deserved.

Charlize Theron in Christian Dior.
She's just STUNNING.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior.
At first, I wasn't sure about this gown.
But, as the eve went on I was into it.
The hair...her skin...the necklace.
It was all working.
She carried herself beautifully.
Nice work J Law.

Joseph Gordon Levitt. 
He's wearing Calvin Klein.
Could he be any cuter?
Doubt it.

Kate Hudson in Alterier Versace.
You know I love a cape...
and a plunging neckline.

Kerry Washington in Jason Wu.
Think she looks glorious.
The color is divine.

Leonardo Dicaprio in Armani.

My favorite.
Lupita Nyong o' in Prada.
This is what I would've worn...minus the headband.
But, I'm not mad at her for wearing it.
I just thought it was amazing.
The deep V to the waist makes you look so skinny too.
And, the color. Swoon.
Now, I am flat chested (like, really)
so this dress works for someone like me.
Uh, and, Lupita is too. 
You know, flat-chested. 
Anyway, she looked great.

Another one...

Paul Rudd.
Because he's cute.

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BB said...

Absolutely agree with your choices & faves! Especially Lupita (though I actually liked the headband), Charlize, Cate and Amy. ADORE Amy Adams. Give her an Oscar already!

And Leo = YUM. He needs an Oscar too, please.