Meet The Press

The NY Post has an article in it today about 
Meet The Press and it's 'dismal' 3rd place rating among
Sunday morning shows.
Look, George Stephanopoulos is fantastic, likable, etc.
Face The Nation has the lead in of
CBS Sunday Morning, which, is my favorite TV show.
(Yes, even more than Southern Charm...have y'all watched that?!)
Anyway, back to the news.
It's being reporter that NBC had
psychological testing done to see how David Gregory could
better relate to the audience.
Well, you don't have to pay me a lot of money...
I'll just tell you. 
Replacing Tim Russert is like replacing Oprah.
Aint. Gonna. Happen.
(Hear that Katie? It's not your fault)
And, you can be great at your job, but,
if it doesn't click, it just doesn't click.
Like finding the perfect bowl of grits...
How long have I been in the south?
I'm doing grits comparisons??...
I'm hungry.

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Katherine Fajen said...

Of course I watch Southern Charm. I have no life!