Martha Stewart Y'all..

Martha Stewart has led a fanciful folly-filled life.
That's according to author Jerry Oppenheimer whom is writing a book detailing
her storied past called 'Just Desserts.'
He interviewed many of her friends who recalled juicy stories
from her nude pool parties 
(I hope the lawns were well-manicured, wink)
to her tumultuous relationship with her husband Andy.
My favorite excerpt from the article, 
which you can read HERE is:
"Staff people who worked at their Westport Home, Turkey Hill, began calling the place
"Turkey Hell" because of the way they saw Martha 
treating her husband 'like a dog turd.'
Ha, ok.
Martha would never say 'turd.'

Martha looking fierce in a denim romper...
with a basket of eggs of course.

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BB said...

....with a basket of eggs! Haha!