Say It Ain't So

The new thing is showing off your pelvis.
In fact, in one article I read it said 
'pelvis cleavage...or, pevage'
Come again?
Now, maybe if I found my pevage to be exceptional, 
I'd wear slits up to my belly bottom to show it off.
However, what happened to just showing off your shoulders?
Or how about, hey, you have great legs!
Now, we have to show our pelvis's?
Aren't we stressed enough?
I'm worried about my knees, which,
are down way further than my pelvis.
I can't worry about a body part that is clearly intended to be covered.
Anyway, if you must show your pevage, I think Guliana does a nice job.

1 comment:

BB said...

I am SO behind the times. Pevage??! Bwahahaha!! Awesome. I mean, not awesome. IMO, if you can't wear undergarments with a gown, it just ain't right, yo.