Bachelor in Paradise...

What is happening? Have I been changed permanently as a human by watching
Bachelor in Paradise? I'm scared. I want to go back to Sunday evening, pre-having watched
this show, but I can't. And, now it has forever changed me. 
I have so many questions.
Do these people know they are being filmed to have sex with each other? 
Fall in love
Lacy, who shows up with her pretty eyes, immediately entrances 
2...maybe 3 of the gentlemen. Good for her. 
Just don't get in AshLee's way.
Which, by the spelling of her name alone qualifies her for
at least some Real World/Road Rules challenges. 
(It's like Jenn with 2 N's.)
For the other blogs saying that this is summer's questionable watch...
I say yes, it is questionable.
As in how can you not watch Bachelor In Paradise? 

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