Peter Pan Live!

Oh! You're still here?! Great, thanks for sticking with Bangs.
Did you watch Peter Pan Live! last night? 
I am a weird kind of folk that gets tears in my eyes watching any musical.
I just love them. 
I haven't watched it all yet, basically heard it in the background as I was
readying my abode for Christmas.
The reviews this morning are mixed. 
Here's what I do know:
Anyone who gets up on stage to entertain you is amazing.
Some more than others, but, 
they are ultimately trying to make you feel something.
As you sit on your sofa.
And, I think that deserves a glorious review regardless.
I can't stand it when at a comedy show/play/etc
and people are TALKING about the performance as it is happening.
Being disrespectful to performers makes me insane. 
They are there for YOU.
Ok, I'm not sure where that rant came from.
Anyway, patronize and love the arts.
It's good for you.

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