The Serial Podcast

I am an avid podcast listener.
And, when I say avid I mean I listen to about 5-10 on a weekly basis.
Don't judge. I do have a life, promise. 
One I always listen to is This American Life..
which, is run/produced by Ira Glass...who is the EP for Serial.
So, the first episode was played months ago on my TAL feed.
The obsession began.
I wasn't on Reddit engaging in online dissection of clues, however, 
I may've listened to podcasts about podcasts about Serial.
You know, other people dissecting the facts and spewing all sorts of conjecture.
I got a late Christmas present this morning when I saw that star witness in the 1999 murder case of Hae Min Lee, JAY WILDS, gave an interview. 
Serial Host Sarah Koenig tried and tried to get him to talk. 
For some reason, he didn't. 
But now he speaks. 

Read Part One of his interview on THE INTERCEPT HERE.

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