Duo's At The Globes (besides JLO's)

Adam Levine & Behati 
(She doesn't need a last name, her name is Behati people)

Amy and Natasha Lyonne.
Amy Poehler's dress I love.
I might be alone but it looks warm...
the color...the draping and THE POCKETS!
(Although I would've done a really big gorgeous earring, no necklace)

Chris Pratt and Anna Farris.
So cute.
If you two need any extra friends, Lee and I are available 
to hangout.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.
Love Jenna's gown. 
I bet it was prettier in person too.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.
Look sharp together. 
Sometimes she can go cray fashion-wise so this is clean. 
(Also, John Legend won best song with Common for Selma.
Did you hear the speech? 
I cried, so good Common, so good)

Eniko and Kevin.
I thought she looked GORGEOUS.
A black woman wearing white ..(or really any color)
their SKIN! It's just perfection.

What in the world?!!
They look hilariously miserable.
I'm going to keep this picture close to remind me 
that life ain't that bad. 

Jake and Maggie.
Brother, sister duo.

Kevin Spacey and Kate Mara.
Friend duo.

Livia Giuggilo and Colin Furth.
Handsome couple.  

Matthew and Camilla.
Have you seen True Detective?

Miss Tina and Amy.
Yes, honey, yes. 
I was into Tina's tuxedo she wore during the ceremony too.
(not loving her dress here)

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BB said...

Jenna Dewan's yellow gown was the ONE I liked of those I briefly saw last night. I think it's my absolute favorite of the evening!