Called It..

Carson Daly filled in for Willie Geist when he was on vacation this summer.
And, the crew LOVED him.
(When they do a good-bye reel after you've 
been there a week on all your highlights-that's a GOOD sign)
I like him too.
He's very likable...personable...seems like a nice guy.
He's never done a news gig (until filling in for The Today Show)
but has hosted everything from TRL 
(that's MTV's Total Request Live for those younger than, say, 27)
to Last Call With Carson Daly, a late night show.
Oh, and he hosts The Voice.
He will continue on The Voice, but not Last Call.
Carson's new gig will have him in charge of The Today's Show
'Orange Room' which will concentrate on 
bridging digital and 'traditional' media. 
So, lots of Twats and such.
I mean Tweets...er, Twits...
You know, that kind of thing.
Good for Carson.

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