Listen, I'm still watching Dexter.
It's not Dexter's fault that Breaking Bad,
the greatest show in the universe
is ending at the same time.
Which, by the way, you have 2 weeks and 2 days 
to binge watch all the seasons of Breaking Bad.
I'm telling you to watch it now. 
Because the finale is quickly approaching
and it's so amazing I can't blabber on about it enough.
See, poor Dexter. 
I get sidetracked by Breaking Bad all the time.
Anyway, Dexter is also good.
It's not BB, but it's good.
Dammit. Focus.
Ok, there are 2 episodes of Dexter left.

Will Dexter skip the country and live happily ever after?
I don't know.
Do we always want the bad guy to get away with it?
I don't think so.
But, Dexter, with a son and now a love interest...
I'm pulling for him. Because it's either him- or another serial killer.
And, Dexter will always win in that scenario.

**Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter...
they were once married, now divorced and brother and sister on the show**

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