Miss America

Miss New York Nina Davuluri is the new Miss America!
She performed a Bollywood fusion dance. So cool.

Here's what I'll say, short and brief.
I was so shocked by the amount of outrage and ignorance
by people tweeting such hateful things after
the first Indian-American won.
Untrue, hateful things.
I don't want to repeat them, but, honestly, 
it made me sad.
If your favorite girl didn't win, that's ok. 
She's going to be ok.
My mother told me if someone doesn't like you...
or you don't 'win' ..
you just weren't what they were looking for.
Nothing to do with you.
Just had someone else in mind.
So, if you're angry that your girl didn't win,
please, don't take it out on the girl who did win.
She's excited and ready to do her job.
Try to let her enjoy it.
It has nothing to do with you, promise.

Side note: Our good friends and all around awesome Indians
have had people say to them "Welcome to America!"
which, is way nicer than what people were saying on Twitter 
about smart and gorg Miss Davuluri,
and they just laugh.
And then think to themselves..
we are from Fort Wayne and Terre Haute Indiana, respectively.

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