Raising A Boy

I've got be honest.
I have a baby boy and I haven't even thought
about how I'm going to raise him during his teenage years.
Well, you know what I mean.
Besides the obvious..
I love him and tend to him and am already disciplining him-
because he's a mischievous thing.
But in a cute, wrinkle his nose, 
open mouth funny slobber kiss me kind of way.
(which I'm sure will fade by the time he's a teenager)
I want him to be a good person. 
Be kind.
Be generous.
Be smart. 
(not just the book kind, that's far less important to me)
But, as they say, boys will be boys.
And I don't want to be naive to the things he will one day do.
Hopefully just during his adolescent years. 
I'm sure as soon as he is an 'adult'
he will never do anything stupid.
Anyway, The Post had a good article about
raising a son today.
Read it HERE.

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