Question For You

Would you guys watch a YouTube channel of my commentary?
I know you have lots of stuff to do...
But, would you watch it? 
If it only took 5 or so minutes of your day?
Would you tell your friends about it?

I'm thinking of doing a daily quip on a You Tube channel.
Something like this...
Here is my test drive. 
Also, a pre-apology for the lip smacking?
Not sure why I do that.
I'll work on it.


Anonymous said...

Will for sure watch! Love ya Cara Kneer! :-) Kate

Katherine Fajen said...

I think you're funny. So yes, I will watch.

BB said...

I will TOTALLY be a devoted viewer, just as I check in daily to see of there is a new blog post. In addition to Mom, Dad & Baby, *I* think you're one of the funniest gals I know. GO! DO IT.