the CMA's

The CMA's were on last night.
Did you watch?
Over the last few years I've started to listen
to country music. 
I actually quite enjoy it. Most of it.
Also, why is it that 90% of the songs make me cry?

Aubrey Peeples.
Uh, must not have any peeples because
they would not have let her dress like this.
Carrie Underwood.
From the crotch up, I'm not mad at this dress.
From the waist to the crotch I am confused.
And, from the lady parts down I am somewhat terrified.
This makes no sense. 
Is the beige flap for dramatic effect?
Is it to take off and wipe her seat down before she sits..
in case someone spilled a beer in it?
I don't know. 
Seems like some editing would've helped.

Carrie walking the red carpet.
This, I enjoy.

Carrie again.
A pink-flowery-high-low gown...
she looks great.
I, would not...
but, she is working it out.
Hot legs.

Cassandra Pope.
The Connie Britton.
Now, Connie doesn't make it easy on me.
I do have to say I love a Peter Pan collar.
I love a sweetheart neckline.
I love a cap sleeve.
All together I'm not 100% sure on...
However, I have a feeling this looked great in person.
So, when we hang out next and try on gowns in her closet,
I'll re-evaluate how fabulous it actually is.

Duck Dynasty dudes.
Now, the opening Brad Paisley/Carrie Underwood monologue
was kinda hilarious. 
And not in an SNL kinda way..if you know what I mean.
But, the DD skit with the Robin Thicke/Miley remake from the VMA's
with lyrics referencing the Dy-nasty folk made me laugh out loud.
My favorite line being instead of 
'I know you want it'
they said 
'I know you hunt it'

Kellie Pickler.
I like her.
She looked HOT.

Kimberly Williams Paisley.

Kimberly Perry.
I still like her.

Lauren Alaina.
She looks sweet.
I think that might be a show choir gown, but, nonetheless...
she looks nice. 

Miranda Lambert.
Skinny? Check.
Boobs out? Affirmative.
Make believe wind machine in the hair? Yes.
Attitude? Plenty.
Lady on a mission. 
Just saying.
Robin Roberts.
Love LOVE a lady in a pantsuit.

Shawna Thomspon.

Sheryl Crow.
My favorite dress of the night.
Mainly because it's what I would've worn if I had
to choose from any gown I saw at the CMA's.
I would've worn a high slicked back pony, but, otherwise...
Loving it. And her.

Taylor Swift.
It's red.
And gone-with-the-wind fabulous maybe?
As in, the drapes that were on the plantation at Tara 
were ripped down in haste and meticulously
sewed onto Taylor Swifts body.
That's kinda what I'm getting here..

Tim and Faith.
I'm not saying anything.
Faith looks pretty.

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