Are y'all following this dramz with Dean McDermott and Tori?
I feel sad about it.
The kids are going to have to see/read this someday.
And, ps, the bull he said about Tori not wanting to have sex with him...
you know, so that's why he had to go find someone 
while he was in Canada working last summer.
Oh, I see.
So, if you don't get everything you want,
when you want it, 
you throw a fit?
And by throwing a fit I mean 
having sex with someone other than your wife.
And as far as cheating in general goes...
as a woman, why would you sleep with someone
who you KNOW is married?!
Who cares what he says...
If he is married please
as Nene Leakes said
'close your legs to married men.'
Sorry for the graphic Sunday post, but, 
I'm tired of seeing Dean's face all over the place.

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