Some Grammy Wears

Alicia Keys.
Likin this.

Anna Faris.
I love a navy gown.
It's automatically sophisticated.

A fun pair. 
Can we be friends?

Ciara is expecting a babe with Fabulous.
Now, listen, I think she's gorgeous.
I hope it's all good with her man.
He did get her a 15 carat engagement ring.
So, that is not small.
(Also, he has 3 other children with 3 different ladies)

Colbie Callait.
One of my faves.
Fun. Red. Hot.

Cyndi Lauper.

Daft Punk.
Sharp. Like a laser.

You two should talk.
Dionne and Billy Ray.

Kasey Musgraves.
I liker her. 
Not loving the dress. 
I'm reading jellyfish.

Katy Perry.
Straight off the Valentino runway.
I heard it was gorgeous in person.
Whimsical for sure.

Kelly Osbourne.
I like the gown...
she's been wearing a lot of long sleeve looks lately.
Which, I always enjoy.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Now, you know I hate those hats...
but, it is Madonna.

Miranda Lambert.
Werk it LADY!
She looks great.

I know, it's Paris Hilton.
(When she came on the screen my husband said..
'she's still a person?!')
Uh, yes, babe, she's still a person.

In red.
Another favorite.
Dress by Johanna Johnson.

Robin and Paula.
I like Paula.
That's it.

Sara Bareilles.
There are many toilet paper jokes...
and spit balls, er whatever.
But I'm not going to make those. 
Because I like her and the red pops she's serving to us.

Smoky Robinson and Steven Tyler.
Why does Steven Tyler look 
exactly like a Yorkie?

My sweet sweet Stevie.

Lots of folks giving Taylor best dressed for the eve.
She looks good.
I'd definitely wear it. 
But, it does look like a dress Naomi Watts
already wore...or will wear...
just saying.

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