Juan-na Get Into It?

First, Juan Pablo's name is going to be the gift that keeps on giving.
So. Many. Puns.
Let's start judging, shall we?
First up, the cast off Amy J.
I just wanted to bring her up because 
she looks like Rachel Zoe right?

Andi from Atlanta is one of my picks to go far.
He is drawn to her, for sure. 
She intimidates me.
I'd give her a rose for fear of prosecution.
Clare I hold a soft spot for.
I really want to like her, but, 
so far she seems a little desperate.
So, Clare, you're a catch.
Sit back and make him work for it ok?

Lucy says she is a 'free spirit.'
Really, that's what is listed as her occupation.
Last time I tried to be a free spirit 
I can't remember it paying my rent...
or buying me shoes...
or affording me micro greens at the farmers market.
Which, I'm sure you're into.
Whole Foods take 'free spirit' cards?

Nicki is another pick of mine to go fairly far.
I haven't read Reality Steve yet this year, so, 
I'm sure I'll cave and read it at some point.
If you're into spoilers, check out his blog.
If you're not DO NOT GO THERE.
I'm sorry I did that to you.
Don't do it. 
Only if you want to.
Wait, DON'T DO IT.
I'll tell you if I do though, promise.
Katherine is gorgeous...
wait, is this Nicki?
I can't tell them apart yet.
Lacy seems to be perfect.
Which, is precisely why I don't trust her.
Now, werrrrrrrkkkk it out SHARLEEN!
My husband was cooing over her from the beginning.
'She looks like a genuine person.' (She's hot)
'She seems too good for this show.' (She has a good job)
Anyway, I get it.
She looked not so sure about getting the first rose, 
which I loved.
I think most girls compete with EACH OTHER on this show 
without even realizing it.
Yeah, the guy is there...and you want to win his heart. Right?
Key word 'win.'
Tell me that many women really loved Lorenzo that prince Bologna or whatever?
Or Sean?
Just saying.

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