Peoples Choice Awards

You guys, we are soooo rich!
And likable.
Rich and likable, nice work you two.

I love Allison Williams.
But I'm not loving her hair at the moment.

Heidi and Ellen.
Cover Girls?

I'm hoping this dress won a challenge on Project Runway
and she was forced to wear it.
That would be ok.
Otherwise, I'm not sure why she'd wear it.

J Hud werrrkn it.
Also, may I point out her shoes?
You'd really have to concentrate on your feet to wear those.
You couldn't let them splay out or look gnarly..
you know?

Jessica Alba.

Loving Anna Farris.

Kat and Beth.

Malin Akerman.
I enjoy her usually...
but this dress makes me uncomfortable.

Naya Rivera.
She looks hot, but,
she also always looks like she's trying 
to get me pregnant.

Nina Dobrev.
She looks great.
This makes me itchy.

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