The Knot Is Tied

Sean and Catherine said 'I Do' last night on TV.
Seans' dad married em.
(Which I'm sure wasn't easy with commercials/LIVE TV..
so, good job for not missing a beat Mr.)
Listen, I've been skeptical of these two.
Sean did cry - they seemed pretty genuine.
A few things:
1) The LIVE cam of the honeymoon bed was ridiculous...
really ABC really?!!
2) Katherine's best friend comes to give her support for her 
boudoir photos. 
And is wearing navy dress pants and a 
red cowl neck sweater. 
BFF lady, you've known you were going to be on national TV
for months and that was the outfit you decided to wear?
3) Did anyone else notice Lisa Vanderpump's daughter Pandora in the crowd?
I hope these two make it work.
I keep rooting for the Bachelor couples even though
I know how the show goes down.
Well, Mazel you two.

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