Okay, sorry.
Hubby had the computer so just getting around to this.
First, I will side with Juan Pablo on one thing:
making Chris Harrison squirm was hilarious.
Other than that, I'm over it/him.
Honestly, I think it's hilarious that he thinks 
he's so glorious he can get away with acting like a total d-bag.
Did you guys know that he lives with his family...
and by family I mean Camilla and her mom?
His baby mama? 
Yeah, they co-habitate soooooo - 
cozy little Saturday morning 
with them and now, 
(Nikki you've won a WHOLE NEW FAMILY!
Complete with child and WIFE!)
Because that's not going to happen.
He doesn't love Nikki.
He never will. 
And, she was sitting there like a big (skinny) dummy in her red dress.
But, I think she was more taken with the fact that she WON.
Not Juan Pablo.
I won't believe that anyone is that stupid.
Also, JP has never dated a white girl.
Just saying.
And the 'surprise' Chris was teasing all night was that 
he told producers he was going to propose to Nikki.
Just to mess with them.
And then he forgot I guess.
Yep. Just spaced it.
Side rant: If I was hosting the show it would've been ON!
It's making me giggle thinking of all the fun we would've had.
I would've WERK-ED HIM OVER.
Made him cry.
A girl can dream.
Also, he was supposed to be on Dancing With The Stars
but got the boot after he was being received not so well by the public...
another reason he was probably on his worst behavior last night.
Anyway, good riddance.
Bring on Andi! 
I'll keep my eyes peeled for her here in the ATL..

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