Blue Jasmine

I watched Blue Jasmine last night.
Very good. 
I love a character strong story driven plot.
And, with the buzz about Cate I was anxious to see her performance in the movie.
My husband commented 45 minutes in how good she was.
I thought she was good...but, was still waiting.
An hour and half in, I was blown away.
Amazing performance.
Seriously glorious. 
In the scene where she confronts her husband (Alec Baldwin)
about his affairs, it's shocking how good she is.
I thought "I've cried like that..."
Been so upset you can't breathe.
It's happened. I felt like I was watching myself have a breakdown.
ANYWAY, my jaw also dropped when I saw
How did a chick from the Bachelorette get that job?!
Well, a casting director contacted her because she was what Woody was looking for.
And, she was very I-can't-believe-it
kinda thing. So, you can't be too jealous.
Like I was. 
Read the article in the LA TIMES HERE.
She seems very grateful, so, that's good.

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Katherine Fajen said...

Absolutely LOVED Blue Jasmine. I about died when I saw freaking Ali in there.