Golden Globes Part One

Allison Williams.
Can't go wrong with this gown. 
She looks great...
Also, am I the only person who hasn't watched GIRLS?
I'll do it soon. 

Amanda Peet.
Because I just like her.
Also, fun fact, her husband is the Creator/Producer of
Game Of Thrones.

Amy Adams. 
Won Best Supporting Actress for Big Eyes.
She seemed a little drunky giving her speech, but, 
what do I know..

Chris Pratt and Anna Farris.
If they need any more friends, Lee and I are available to hang out.

Claire Danes.
I'm not sure what's happening here.
It doesn't fit her.

Dakota Johnson.
Looks great - and is about to get really famous.
She is 50 Shades Of Grey.

Danielle Brooks.
She's on Orange Is The New Black.
And, she's really really good on it too.
I'm mad at her stylist because I think her 
hair and makeup look stunning. 
And, her dress has so much potential! 
Except whomever tailored it should be fired.
Too short. Too tight. Could've been so right too.

Diane Kruger.

Emily Blunt.
The earrings are glorious.

Emma Stone. 
I DIE for her.
And a pantsuit?!! YESS honey YES!

Gina Rodriguez.
Her speech made me cry.
Safe, gorgeous gown.

Jennifer Aniston.
While she was buffed and glowing to perfection 
wasn't feeling the dress.

Julianne Moore.
Won Best Actress for Still Alice.
One of my favorites of the eve.

Kate Beckinsale.
Always looks like crap.
Just kidding.

Kate Hudson.
Always gets the red carpet right.
Although, this looks like a super hard dress to wear.
Her body is ridiculous. 

Lena Dunham.
A skosh ill-fitting but I like this dress.

Leslie Mann.
My lady girlfriend. (She's completely unaware of this)
Looks good. Always. Picks a bold color. 

Matt Bomer.
Is just perfect isn't he?

Michelle Monaghan.
I don't even know what she's in...
but I'm sure it's something super popular that I don't watch.
Another one who never disappoints. 

Naomi Watts.

Quvenzhane Wallis.
Looked perfect.

Reese Witherspoon.
Another favorite. 
Nothing glorious but she looked perfect.

Rosumund Pike.
I just watched Gone Girl.
So, I don't want to anger her.
But, this was one of my least faves.
She has the BEST body and this didn't look good on her.
Which means no one on the planet can look good in it.
I do appreciate the bold choice tho.

Sienna Miller.
Love this too. 
So good S.

Taylor Schilling.

Viola Davis.

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BB said...

Thank you for posting these. I admit, I didn't watch the show -- only looked at a few gowns online and was completely underwhelmed, so I stopped. Many of these I hadn't seen and are lovely!