More Grammy Fashion..

Chrissy & John.
Also one of my favorites. 
Her, not him.
I actually REALLY don't like his suit.


Another Gwen!
I love a short, long sleeve sparkly mini.
I'll say it 100 more times.

Iggy Azaela looks sweet and this dress is divine.
Her hair did look like challah bread, which, I also enjoy.

Jennifer Hudson.

Katy Perry.
Has GREAT ta's.

Kim Kardashian.
I honestly can barely look at this...I mean Kim.

I can't.
It's Madonna.
She could wear poop earrings and I'd probably like it.
You know what I mean.
That was weird.

Fresh fierce Nicki.

Nicole Kidman.
Those shoes though.

Taylor Swift.
I think I love it.
I'd look like a weird blue ombre sausage, but, 
Taylor looks amaze.

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BB said...

Thanks for this recap too! Gwen's look was PERFECTION. I agree with everything! Except I didn't mind Nicole Kidman's dress.....then again, I'm old. :) And I want her shoes.